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Cornerstone Christian School

A ministry dedicated to academic excellence and imparting to others the mind and heart of Christ.

Psalm 121:1-2

Mt. Rainier National Park

Photographs by R. Whitten unless noted otherwise.  All rights reserved.

Please call if you would like to visit the school. The current principal of Cornertone Christian School is Randall Whitten and he has been on staff at the school since 1984.  Applications are available after an initial visit.


Cornerstone Christian School is modeled on a discipling educational approach, and it is relationship based, not program based.

Cornerstone is intended for families who are totally committed to educating from a Biblical worldview. The families who enroll should espouse the same values and standards upheld by the school. Cornerstone does not intend to create those convictions within the families.

Our desire is to disciple students through the Scriptures to train them for life, careers, and ministry.  We aim to counteract cultural influences which conflict with the Word of God. Discipleship must be in cooperation with the desires of the families, in order to accomplish God's highest for the students.

Therefore, Cornerstone and the parents must have common spiritual and educational goals for the students. We hope we may serve your family.

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