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419 Starling St.

Fort Collins, CO


School Phone:

(970) 691-5210


College Preparatory

Subject                                Credits  

Math (Algebra - Calculus)


Social Studies / History


English / Lit. / Vocabulary


Science / 2 with Labs 

Survey of the Bible

Foreign Language

Communication / Arts

Physical Education








Minimum Total Units 


Cornerstone Christian School offers a strong academic program for students in grades 6-12.   Some subjects are taught in a class setting and others are completed using an individualized curriculum, A.C.E. (Accelerated Christian Education), or some other individualized computer classes. Due to the nature of the curriculum, all students must have basic reading skills prior to enrollment.

A prescribed course of study for each student is determined through diagnostic testing and a conference with the parents, student, and school principal.  Students are sometimes academically deficient in a subject area and may require some additional instruction to achieve their proper grade level. 

The College Preparatory Track prepares the students for a wide range of post-secondary study. The primary criteria for college admission are a solid core curriculum, good grades, and high SAT or ACT scores. At Cornerstone, academic excellence is maintained through personal attention by staff members, computer/video enhancement of the curriculum, and effective use of professional and skilled individuals within the community.

Not all Cornerstone students desire to pursue college-level education. We offer course selections that will give these individuals a good basic education.  The individualized aspects of the school allow for this flexibility.

Our graduates have done very well in their career and academic pursuits.  It is even more encouraging to see them continue to grow in their walk with the Lord

In addition, we provide a limited home-school program that covers families who have other students enrolled in Cornerstone Christian School.