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Tuition is distributed over 12 monthly payments beginning in July 2018 with the last payment in June 2019. Statements are sent out at the beginning of each month for that month's tuition and the previous month's materials.

The normal tuition schedule is as follows:

Tuition Schedule for 2018-2019 Ė Full-time Rates Listed for Twelve-month Billing (Enroll only grades 6-12)

 # of Students





 Grades 9-12




  Attendance of 20 hours/week is considered full-time.   Tuition for part-time attendance, when available, will     be a portion of the amounts listed on this schedule.

 Grades 6-8




K-5 not offered




If students are enrolled after August 1st, the monthly tuition rates will vary from the schedule listed above.

Curriculum Costs

Most of the curriculum for each student will be purchased in the summer and applied to your July and August bills. Any additional material expenses will be billed to your account whenever new curriculum is acquired. The material costs for each student varies depending on the studentís courses and how much work is accomplished.  It is typically around $250 per student for the year. The current A.C.E. PACE fee is $3.00.  Special orders have an additional shipping expense.   If our curriculum providers increase their prices, our charge to you will change accordingly. Materials expenses include: PACEs, textbooks, monthly copy charges related to classes, lab fees, and fees for the standardized tests. Special school activities and field trip expenses will be charged when appropriate.

THE 2018-2019 SCHOOL CALENDAR (Important Dates)

First Day of School - Aug. 20th                                                                                  Beginning of 3rd Quarter - Jan. 7th

Labor Day - Sep. 3rd - No School                                                                                 MLK Jr. Day - Jan. 21st - No School

Ed. Conference - Sep. 10th - No School                                                     Presidentís Day - Feb. 18th - No School

Friday Work Day - Oct. 19th                                                                      Spring Break - Mar. 15th to 24th - No School

Thanksgiving - Nov. 22nd - No School                                                       Standardized Testing - Apr. 23rd         

Christmas Break - Dec. 21st to Jan. 6th - No School                                  41st Annual Graduation and Awards - May 23rd