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School Dress Code

Student Relationships

The purpose of the uniform dress code is to help relieve students of the pressure associated with  clothing and appearance. We want our students to look nice, but not be consumed with wearing the latest fashions. Appearance is not a real indication of a person’s worth. In light of this reality, we maintain that uniforms are beneficial.

Current youth counseling experiences suggest that due to immaturity, peer pressure, and societal values, teens that find themselves in a romantic relationship often end up compromising their sexual purity.  Therefore, it is school policy that all students enrolled in Cornerstone Christian School are not permitted to pursue romantic relationships with any other students at Cornerstone, except for older students where marriage is the intent. In addition, any relationships, whether within or outside of the school, must also be supported by the parents of both individuals.

We fully acknowledge that it is natural for the students to be attracted to those of the opposite sex. We desire to help students form solid, Biblical friendships in which they will be able to avoid the possibility of moral compromise so prevalent in today’s society.  Even more important than their earthly friendships, students must develop a solid relationship with the Lord.

Our haircut regulations do not allow for unnatural hair coloring during the school year, and regulate the boy’s length. All jewelry worn by the girls must be in moderation and the young men are not allowed to wear earrings. 

Our desire is that the relationships between students of the opposite sex be carried out with pure motives and in a godly fashion. We are not suggesting by the above policy that Cornerstone students avoid interaction with those of the opposite sex.  We provide many opportunities for the students to interact in group settings, where healthy relationships can be developed without pairing-off with the other individuals in an inappropriate way.

Watch over your heart with all diligence, for from it flow the springs of life.                               Proverb 4:23